Strange perfume

Your victim is getting ready and the last thing left is that they have to put their perfume on. when they go out they realize that their perfume smells like vinegar. After two or three people comment that they smell like vinegar they then realize that they have been the victim of a practical joke.

  • The set-up 
  1. Unscrew the lid of the perfume and pour the perfume in another container.
  2. take vinegar and pour it in the perfume bottle.
  3. Screw the lid back and try to make sure that your victim uses the perfume bottle which is actually full of vinegar.
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Cup with holes

The victim of your joke  gets ready to drink something delicious. Suddenly when the liquid leaks out of the cup and onto their clothes before it reaches their mouth.

  • How to set it up.
  • When your victim is about to drink his drink make a hole on the top of the glass.
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What you need for a salt and pepper joke

  • See-through salt and pepper containers
  • a paper or baking paper
  • scissors
  • The setup
  1. The containers should have screw top lids upside on the table.
  2. Pour some pepper in the Salt lid and Salt in the Pepper lid.
  3. Take the piece of paper and press it hard on the lid so that pepper and salt don’t come out.
  4. Screw the lid with salt onto the pepper bottle and the pepper lid onto the salt one.
  5. Your victim will see salt in the container but pepper will come out. The same will happen with the salt container.
  6. Your victim will be totally fooled
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Salt and Pepper Joke:)

  • The Sting:
  • The victim sits down to dinner.They taste their meal and decide that they need a bit of Salt. They grab the salt container and start shaking. To their amazement, pepper starts coming out. They take another look at the container, but it shows that it is a salt container they can see salt coming out through but it’s pepper. They shake salt  and pepper comes out. They finally got what they wanted but they have no idea why there is salt coming out of the pepper container and pepper out of the salt container
  • How to do this:
  • We will tell you how to make the setup and what you need in the next post so come and see my posts tomorrow too………
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PracticalJokes has begun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We will keep updating you with practical jokes and you can try all this on your friends, family and everyone around so read a joke everyday and have fun watching them being fooled:)


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Hello world!

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